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Protesting Social Distancing = Privilege

Photo credit: Jeff Kowalsky/AFP/Getty

Lots of folks out there posting, tweeting, and writing articles about people protesting in MI and TX. I’ll start by saying that I believe in the power of organized protests. What I don’t believe in is risking the lives of others to do so. So, there are a few things that aren’t being talked about much having to do with this. Let’s start with Michigan. African Americans account for 35% of confirmed cases in the state and 40% of deaths from COVID-19 (

In Texas, the data is not fully reported yet. However, Texas has the highest rate of uninsured residents by 18% (

These people that are refusing to social distance after 3 months (or less) of feeling oppressed are putting their wants over the lives of others who are at a higher percentage of risk.

So, in Michigan it is a privilege to protest. In Texas it is a privilege to protest. If you do not see yourself reflected in these at risk demographics and still refuse to social distance, that is a privilege.

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